April 17, 2014

Why Use Orthosilicic Acid Supplements?

silica-benefitsThe mineral silica is found naturally in diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid. Silica is the most important mineral you need as it has many different health benefits and advantages, including helping to rebuild the immune system and detoxify the body at the cellular level to help ward of disease.

Orthocilicic acid is the organic form of silica, which is completely absorbable and nontoxic to the human body as opposed to diatomaceous earth which is found in granite and clay and is not absorbable. Silica enables cell regeneration and promotes the maintenance and restoration of collagen that is vital for firm skin and flexible arteries, which not only decreases wrinkles but decreases the risk for heart disease as it allows blood and oxygen to be carried more efficiently throughout the body.

Silica reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, maintains bone strength, fights osteoporosis, prevents cavities by hardening the enamel, helps to prevent baldness, slows tissue degeneration that leads to sagging skin and relieves back pain. It even prevents baldness as it stimulates healthy hair growth. As you can see, silica is essential to our health and also improves our quality of life.

Another important function of silica is that it enables the body to absorb and use all other essential nutrients. For example, silica helps the body to deposit calcium into the bones, organs, teeth and skin. Without the proper amount of silica, your body would be left without being able to use this vital nutrient.

Everyday we are exposed to dangerous toxins through what we eat, touch and breath in, which eventually causes diseases. To counteract, silica acts as a natural detoxifier to get rid of pathogens, such as parasites, fungus and molds, just to name a few.

Silica increases the ability of cells to repair themselves. This works by helping to prevent unhealthy cells from multiplying and allowing healthy cells to live longer. Unfortunately, only about one-third of the silica that we need is found in the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Orthosilicic acid supplements make it easy to consume the right amount of silica needed in your diet.

SilaLive Silica Supplement is the only silica complex supplement that provides both organic and biogenous silica, namely diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid. Working together, these two minerals maximize the detoxification and rejuvenation benefits of this nutrient without any negative side effects.

Orthosilicic Acid Supplements

silica-supplementSilica accounts for more than 25% of the earth’s crust making it one of the most common minerals. The body uses silica to strengthen many of its core functioning systems. The health benefits of silica are numerous with very few side effects.

You Are What You Eat

Man’s body is composed of the minerals found in his environment, which he consumes. Because silica is natural, it works well with other minerals, like calcium and oxygen.

Silica is used to treat weak bones, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Health supplements, like SilaLive, provide both the diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica) forms to replenish the body’s stores of silica. SilaLive can renew, rebuild and replace silica in the brain, blood, bones, hair, heart, joints, liver, lungs, nails, joints, pancreas, skin, spleen and immune system.

Silica, Silicon and Silicone

  • Some people confuse Silica with Silicone.
  • Here are the main differences between these similar elements:
  • Silica is an oxide of silicon.
  • Silicon is found in grasses and sand.
  • Silicone is a plastic.

Silica works on some of the most common problems facing people today: cardiovascular and immune system health. It is a detoxification agent working on the entire body providing complete systemic cleansing.

Silica Can Improve Hardened Heart Valves

The heart is a powerful muscle that pumps about 10 litres (10.6 quarts) of blood per minute through its valves and vessels. Heart valve disease can occur when calcification hardens a valve so that it fails to open or close properly. SilaLive improves the elasticity and strength of the heart so that it functions properly.

Organic silica works well with calcium, so it can lead to faster repair of broken bones. Many studies confirm how silica cooperates with other minerals in cleansing and healing the body.

Cleansing Effects of SilaLive

Silica is found in fish, citrus, milk and almonds. It stimulates the digestive tract. Silica is micronized in the SilaLive supplement, so it is easier for cells to absorb.

Silica Side Effects

Silica is a natural mineral, which is odorless, tasteless and water-soluble. Studies have not found any serious side effects from silica use.

Silica is a desiccant – it absorbs water and causes dryness, like sand – so you might want to drink more water with SilaLive. As a detoxificating agent, silica will be cleansing your body of toxins. So users should prepare themselves for this process accordingly.